Name for Subscription-Variants?

Hello all, I have the problem that there should be two different variants of a subscription for the same product. These do not differ in duration, but only in price. One is for members of our club, the other for non-members.

In the template and in the backend both look identical. How can I label the two different subscriptions with a proper label?


  • Hi @Florian

    you can change the subscription's name using the console:

    request: PUT products/[PRODUCT-ID]



    "purchase_options": {

      "subscription": {

          "plans": {

            "id": "[PLAN-ID]",

            "name": "[NAME-YOU-WANT]"





    If you need to get the PLAN-ID you can run GET products/[PRODUCT-ID] and find the PLAN-ID within PURCHASE-OPTIONS > PLANS

  • Thanks, going to try that!

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