Deleting a store

Hello team,

I've an old test store which is not used and I want to delete it. How can I do?




  • Hi Emilio,

    In regards to your request for account deletion, with the way our system works, the ID is intertwined within the various systems of our APIs and servers. It's the way the headless system works.

    For us to delete the ID completely from the system, it has to be removed from all these systems, otherwise, if they are not fully removed, and the name is reused, it can cause issues, as these references are for a deleted account.

    So the deletion process is quite complex, and not just yet fully fleshed out, however, our engineers are working on this to make it an easy and seamless process.

    For the time being we can manually delete the store from our end. Can you please advise as to what the ID of the store is?

  • Hi,

    thanks for answer. For sure. The store ID is

    Thanks a lot


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