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Shopify Migration…developers

Michael Monos
edited August 2022 in 🏗 Development

Hey all.

We are currently running on Shopify, B2C and B2B, since 2017 and have just reached the end of our rope due to system limitations and bolt-on solutions that create a confusing workflow.

Affordability of migration, is obvious a big concern for a small outfit like our own, serving a niche market. We don't have deep pockets.

I just discovered Swell and am interested in finding out if this could be our next move. I've sent some contact requests from some of the experts on the expert page, but no one has responded.

Any suggestions on finding migration development assistance?


  • I'm surprised there aren't developers out there looking for working… 🧐

  • Hi @Michael Monos,

    We are working on a tool to make the migration really easy. We are currently testing our beta solution.

    If you are interested in trying our tool, I can share more information with you. I just need to know if you have technical knowledge such as managing API Keys and using command-line tools.

    Let me know if you have any other questions regarding the migration process.

    Gonzalo | Technical Account Manager @ Swell

  • Hi Gonzalo,

    I am medium - advanced technical skill.

    I would be interested in hearing more.


  • Hey @Michael Monos,

    Thanks for the details. Let me prepare the information with our engineers and share everything with you.

    Gonzalo | Technical Account Manager @ Swell

  • I am also very interested in using Swell but need to migrate a store for a client. The documentation doesn't seem fully developed. I would love to access the migration tool as well. Would that be possible?

  • Hi @Peter Hoffman

    Are you interested in migrating a store from Shopify to Swell?

    Our tool will allow migrating from different platforms to Swell but our firsts tests are with Shopify stores.

    Gonzalo | Technical Account Manager @ Swell

  • I'm looking to migrate a store from Woocommerce.

  • Hey @Gonzalo Rosso ...I have a Shopify store I would like to try to migrate. Could you share the migration tool information with me? I am really interested in using Swell.

  • Hey everyone,

    We can currently share this: https://developers.swell.is/guides/migrate-to-swell.

    We are testing our automated migration tool, and I'll share all the details once we release this tool.

    Gonzalo | Technical Account Manager @ Swell

  • Hey @Michael Monos and @Peter Hoffman If you are still looking for help with Swell I'm happy to help you out. My agency specializes in working with Swell and headless e-commerce and we are happy to answer any questions you have.

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