New Community Manager at Swell 🎉

Leandro T
edited October 2021 in 🌎 General

Hello, I'm Leandro!

I recently joined Swell as the first Community Manager! My background is in corporate IT. I did that for 20 years until I pivoted to community leadership in startups, which I developed a deep passion for.

I most recently worked at Product Hunt and am now excited to help grow this community here at Swell!

Besides introducing myself, I have one question for you:

"What do you expect from our forum?"

Happy to be of service!


  • Welcome aboard Leandro! We're psyched to have you

  • So great to learn more about your inspiring profile and background. Hiring you is indicative of Swell's vision to build a humane community around the platform.

    I hereby declare you The Community Teacher.

    I was searching for tutorials to speed up the learning curve and found your Nextjs Conf Video

    I could listen to you for hours, your tone is welcoming and you make it so easy to follow and learn quickly.

    "What do you expect from our forum?"

    More steps by step from set up to launch videos from you ASAP!!

    Looking forward to connect with you Teacher Community Manager! : )

    Welcome home!

  • Hey Ernesto!

    Reading your feedback and kind comments is very encouraging. Thanks for the warm welcome! Videos are on the horizon, so watch this space!

  • We can discuss e.g. how this software functions.

    For this, it's useful to agree on a program in which we can manage data together by topic.

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