Webhook data, email please...

I noticed that much of the data that gets passed through via webhook does not include the email address.

Can we get this added? This makes it very difficult when using comprehensive marketing platforms like AC, DRIP or Encharge.

It really should be included in almost everything.




  • Hi Shawn,

    Thank you for bringing this up. Can you add an example of a webhook event where the email address data is not included?

    We currently have an open ticket for adding an email field in order events for webhooks, but not sure If this would be the same for your use case.

  • Hey Jesse,

    To be honest most of them do not have the email.

    For example... subscription created, subscription paused, subscription resumed etc...

    If possible I would just include it in all of them as everyone's use case may be different.

    It's one of the main identifiers for automations.

    Hope that helps,


  • I would really like the email address to included in the order.create webhook. Right now I make a request to the accounts endpoint to get the email address.

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