Email delivery issue

Hello all,

on my principal account I can't receive any email from Swell, either as store admin or a customer.

There is any way to view the mail log and catch any error?


  • Hi Valerio,

    Currently, only our engineers can access the mail log. Can you share the email address that can't receive any email from Swell so that we can check from our end?

  • Any follow up on this?

  • Hi Valerio!

    I apologize for the late response. Are you still experiencing the issue?

  • yes, actually I've just tried with a order and it does not deliver any email on my address.

  • Still no answer after more that 15 days?

  • Hi Valerio,

    I apologize for the delay as I didn't get notified If I'm not tagged. I've created a ticket for our engineers to check our logs, but most of the time, it's some filtering logic from your email hosting provider. May I know your email hosting provider?

  • Hey Jesse,

    thanks for the reply

    I manage my own mail server, and I've checked in all the logs. No trace of Swell email, nor as a sender, title or description.

    I've also checked on our spam server, with no luck

  • Hi Valerio,

    I'm still waiting for feedback from our engineers. I do notice that in your store settings, this is off.

    Can you try to enable that and check If you'll be able to receive an email as an admin?

  • Hey Jesse,

    sorry for the delay. I can't find this setting on my dashboard. Could you please point me in the right direction?

  • Steven Knobles
    edited February 9

    @Valerio These settings can be found under admin/settings/users within your dashboard. Once within the user tab in the dashboard, select the user profile you want to update the setting for.

  • @Steven Knobles thanks for your message. I've enabled it, tried a order. No mail on my inbox :(

    But finally I got some info from my server about

    DD9E240F11: milter-reject: END-OF-MESSAGE from[]: 5.7.1 This message does not meet our delivery requirements; from=<[email protected]ore> to=<[email protected]> proto=ESMTP helo=<>

    and this is the screenshot from my rspamd log

    I think it is because you're trying to impersonate me when sending emails via sendgrid.

  • @Valerio Thank you for providing these details. We use Sendgrid for our internal email processing, but I am not entirely familiar with the setup and its implementation.

    Would you be able to provide any details on the server or the service you use?

    I will speak with our engineers on this to see if they can advise as to the cause of the issue. It could be related to a configuration causing conflicts that were not considered during setup.

  • @Steven Knobles is a standard postfix + clamav + rspamd server. Our bayesian training is completely internal

  • @Valerio Thank you for the details on the server setup. Consulting our engineers on this and will advise further as soon as possible.

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