Can we see a preview Video of the upcoming Horizon theme?

We all are very excited about the upcoming subscription theme. Can we see a preview Video of the upcoming Horizon theme? 


  • Greg
    edited November 2021

    Hey @Dan Brown , that's great to hear; we are too! While video content will likely be available Q1, I'd be happy to help answer any questions you might have about Horizon in the meantime.

  • No No No, I meant, While Horizon is still a work in progress at least can we see it progress via a loom recording. Wanted to see what you guys are up to. BTW, when will Horizon be available for us? Have not redeemed my Appsumo Coupons, still waiting for Horizon and Razorpay integration.

  • Hey @Dan Brown , please allow me to follow up with our design and development teams to see what we can share around functionality and timeline.

  • I'm fairly sure the initial announcement suggested Horizon and the new subscription features would be available this year didn't they? Has this changed? I am literally waiting for both to launch something new: should I not be waiting?

  • I am on a paid plan but still waiting for Horizon to get released before switching to Swell... Hopefully, It will be released by the end of this year(2021)

  • Here is a link to a blog post in regards to some of the features that the Horizon theme will offer.

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