"There's currently a limit to the number of variants you can edit at once"

I'm being told to contact you to increase my variant editing limit.

I only have about 10 variants I need to edit, and all of their names start with letters. They're being pushed off the page by numerical variants which I don't need to edit. I would just rearrange the variants so the ones I need to edit are included in the first 200, but I don't know how to do that.


  • Hey @Liam Davis , it looks like the sizes are set to auto-generate variants. Turning this off will still maintain the sizes as options without generating all of the variant combinations. Agreed, having the text variants cut off in the screen is not a great UX.

  • Liam Davis
    edited November 18

    Is there a way to choose whether a variant is generated for a product when imported via CSV? It would be easier to manage because most of our products are imported that way.

    Also, when editing variants, it sometimes freezes up the entire page and leads to this issue: https://community.swell.is/discussion/202/can-no-longer-access-dashboard-met-with-infinite-loading-spinner-on-both-brave-and-safari. (see attached screenshot for another example of this bug) I think this might be because there are so many variants for each product (150 - 200+).

  • Another reason I'd like to be able to define variant values on upload is that, when I change the 'Auto generate variants' boolean to false for a single option, it removes the variants for every option.

  • I just want to add images to individual options regardless of whether they have variants. When I try to edit the custom fields on an option, this happens:


    This is getting to be pretty frustrating. My client's site is now overdue and it's directly related to these bugs. If your system can handle 1000 variants per product, then how come the dashboard is breaking at ~200 variants? At this point, it's more likely that I'll switch his site to a different CMS than spring for the $299/month fee for 1-on-1 customer service.

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