Apple Pay enquiry

Hi there,

We're looking to setup Stripe for CC's, PayPal & Apple Pay for our payment gateways. I've seen the docs regarding using Braintree to handle Apple Pay but I wanted to double check potentially integrating it via Stripe.

Seeing as you can integrate Stripe natively, and Stripe offers Apple Pay as an option, I wanted to check whether that was a potential route for setting Apple Pay up?

I'm still at the research stage so haven't dove too deeply just yet, any information you could provide would be very helpful.

Thanks so much!



  • Greg
    edited October 19

    Hey @Mark Augias , while we currently only support Apple Pay through Braintree, I can certainly see the use-case for Stripe support and will forward the request onto our product team for evaluation. Happy to assist with any additional questions you may have in your research!

  • Brilliant, thanks Greg.We can always look to strip Braintree out and switch to the Stripe facilitated Apple Pay approach when we can. I suppose that's likely not going to be an option for a good while hey?



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