How Can I verify my domain?

Hi, since I connect my subdomain to my store in admin I am not able to verify

The shop is coneccted and its working fine, also the SSL is working fine, so dont know why from admin keeps Unverified and if I try to verify says i cant.

Checkout its working in .swell and not inside my domain


  • Hello @Julio Valero,

    We recently encountered an issue where the automatic verification process for custom domains would get stuck under certain circumstances. This looks to have been the case with your store.

    We released a fix for this issue, though, and the process is now verifying correctly.

    I just checked your store, and I see that the verification has been completed.

    If you continue to experience any issues with this, please let us know.

  • @Steven Knobles I had still a similar problem, my domain doesn't verified

  • I'have an issue to verify domain, from two week.

    The domain provider is GoDaddy

    i've created a CNAME www to domain swell

    and a redirect from @ to the www (like says swell documentation)

    but che verification still

  • Hello @cdmc, Looking over your store, I see that the connected custom domain has been verified.

    Are you still experiencing the issue?

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