Charges for test orders

I have created a few test orders and accrued a $0.14 bill. I get an error that the payment failed because the amount must be at least $0.5.

Also, since they were test orders, I was wondering... Isn't there a way to put the store in a "test" state where I don't incur charges while developing against the API and setting things up?

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  • Steven Knobles
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    Hello @Anca Emcken ,

    We do apologize for any confusion that this has caused.

    Looking over your account, I can see that invoice for $0.14 was created due to order #61caf2007db8b101327d5226, which was processed on 12/28/21.

    Looking over this order within our logs, I see that this order was processed through Stripe with a live card and was not indicated as a test order, which means Stripe was set to live, or the order was not submitted via the API with the test flag. This would most likely be the reason for the charge.

    We are more than happy to apply a credit for the $0.14 charge so that the invoice can process through. Once the system processes the invoice with the credit, your account should be set and back in good standing.

    We would recommend that for any test orders, the gateway is set to test mode, a test card is used, and if submitting any orders via the API, to make sure they are marked accordingly to indicate a test order.

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